30 Years experience in branded properties


Evergreen Media  has nearly thirty years experience in dealing with branded properties. Evergreen's principals have produced some of the most recognized television and film projects based on branded intellectual property. For example:

 - When IP rights holder Archie Comics was looking to expand the film and television opportunities for their iconic characters, they partnered with Evergreen's principals to create a new film and television division for their company. Evergreen principals ran the day to day operations of that venture and were able to create revenue streams from: one prime time network live action series (which stayed on the air for seven years), one network animated Saturday morning series, one feature film co-produced with Universal Pictures and MGM and developed two more animated children's TV series.

-World renowned psychic investigators ("Amityville Horror" and "Haunting in Connecticut")  Ed and Lorraine Warren wanted to explore their options in film and television for their life story rights so they called on Evergreen. Literally within weeks of placing their rights in the care of Evergreen, a feature film based on the Warren's life story was secured with New Line Entertainment.


Value for IP holders & production partners


Evergreen has a significant track record and experience in creating value for both IP rights holders and production partners.

For example, in a Forbes magazine article entitled "Hollywood's Idea Moguls"  Sumner Redstone credited Evergreen, in part, in helping double the value of Viacom's television division: 

 Thanks to Fraiser and other properties like Star Trek and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, the value of his [Redstone's] TV production arm has doubled since 1996 to $3.3 billion.

Evergreen's experience in analyzing market trends, combined with their ability to understand what particular studios and broadcasters are looking for, at any particular point in time, uniquely positions them in the media vertical.  Because of this, combined with nearly thirty years experience in branded properties, Evergreen is uniquely poised to maximize value for both IP rights holders and production partners.