World Class Branded Properties for Film and TV

Evergreen Media Group, by means of direct ownership and managing partnerships, controls one of the most significant privately held catalogs of world renowned branded intellectual properties. Over the last thirty years Evergreen and its principals have been instrumental in positioning these properties, for production and licensing deals, where they have achieved in excess of $614,000,000.00US.

Evergreen's principals have been involved in a wide range of branded properties for television and film including; but not limited to:

  • Sabrina the Teenaged Witch
  • Josie and The Pussycats
  • The Nintendo Power Glove World Championship
  • The World Ballroom Championships
  •  Major League Baseball

Some of our licensing and production partners have included:

  • Warner Brothers
  • New Line Cinema
  • Universal Pictures
  • MGM
  • Paramount
  • Viacom
  • Disney/ABC
  • MTV
  • NBC
  • Sony Records

Evergreen Media Group's principal focus and portfolio is exclusively intellectual properties that have significant international "branding" or the ability to borrow the brand equity of another intellectual property (like a sequel or prequel). Since branded properties never lose their brand equity, and value, they are know as "Evergreen"; hence our focus and name.


Why Branded Media & Why Evergreen?

Because branded properties are like an "insurance policy" to television broadcasters and film studios. It is significantly safer to bet a $50 million dollar production budget on a property that already has a built in audience; or even better, one that has an audience that spans multiple generations, rather than on a new, untested property.

Speculation ?  No, fact.

This past summer Evergreen's branded property THE CONJURING, which we produced for Warner Brothers/New Line Cinema, on a mere $20,000,000 budget, became one of the most profitable movies of all time, returning an astounding $314,000,000 in worldwide box office reciepts.

Just ask yourself which would you rather see, an unbranded new action movie, or an action movie that is based on a comic, cartoon or action figure you enjoyed as a child?  If you have children which would they rather go to and which one would you rather see with them.

Answer: The branded property.

Why Evergreen Media Group? Because we have the best branded "Evergreen" intellectual properties and the proven track record of turning those properties into significant production and licensing deals.